Data (removed)



This API has been removed.


Stores sensor data for a particular UUID. You can pass any key/value pairs.

coap post -p "token=123&temperature=78" -H "meshblu_auth_uuid={:UUID}&meshblu_auth_token={:TOKEN}" coap://


Payload: token=value&key=value (i.e. temperature=78&humity=30)



Returns last 10 data updates related to a specific device or node
Optional query parameters include: start (time to start from), finish (time to end), limit (overrides the default 10 updates)
You can make this API stream sensor data by adding stream=true to the querystring. Notice the comma at the end of the response. Meshblu doesn't close the stream.

coap get -H "meshblu_auth_uuid={:UUID}&meshblu_auth_token={:TOKEN}" coap://
coap get -H "meshblu_auth_uuid={:UUID}&meshblu_auth_token={:TOKEN}" coap://  -o